Prom Limo Rental in Raleigh


As the parents of daughters who recently finished high school we have a very heartfelt commitment to both the young adults who ride with us and the parents who entrust us with their family members. When it comes to transporting and taking care of the most important people in your life we are serious about their safety. Transportation on these occasions should be memorable for all of the right reasons and for this alone we have strict policies that have served our clients well over the years. As we do not have stretch limousines in our fleet we do not have dividers between our guests and their driver – this really does help maintain an atmosphere of maturity without cramping their style.

We Treat Them Like Adults – But Never Forget That They Are Your Children

When we provide graduation, formal, and prom limo rental in Raleigh NC the focus is on the young people – we treat them like every other VIP but with an added element of supervision. Our policy is to speak with the parents organizing the event to ensure that their rules are in-line with ours and that we maintain these rules for the duration of the evening.

They Are Our Guests – But You Are Our Client: Our Rules Are Consistent With Yours

The celebrants are our guests, but the parents are our clients: we enforce the rules that you set forth.

Pre-planned Itineraries – No Unscheduled Stops

Your children are approaching adulthood and will be treated as adults. They will have a great time without the use of any alcohol, drugs, or any substances which may cause harm. Let’s face it, kids don’t always make the correct choices and one poor choice can ruin an evening or worse. When you retain All-Points you can expect us to take extra time planning the evening and planning for potential ‘exceptions to the rules’ which will be addressed promptly, courteously, professionally, and with discretion.

Our drivers are safe, trained, and committed to the safety of our guests at all times. Due to the nature of our work with our Armed Forces each driver has undergone a Department of Defense background check so you can be assured that they are as serious about the safety of your children as you are.


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