Camp Lejeune & MCAS Facilities


No one told you just how far your Marine Corps destination was from Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Camp Lejeune 140 miles, MCAS New River 135 miles, and MCAS Cherry Point 145 miles. Each of these trips is over 2.5 hours away from RDU Airport and your transportation options are few and far between.

All-Points operates 24 hours a day so you can be sure to report on time or to make your flight as long as you have an advance reservation. Beware of taxis and ‘Shuttles’ which may only take you to the Main Gate leaving you with yet another taxi ride to your barracks. Our staff knows each facility intimately and will bring you directly to your doorstep each and every time.

If you are attending a school at Camp Geiger or Camp Johnson it pays to pull together a group to travel together to split the fare.

Military RDU Airport Rates

Rates for group airport transportation can be as low as $375 each way, but only with an advance reservation. Minimum 5 people required to receive this rate. If a party of 5 or more is not an option private rides are available starting at $325 for up to three people. This is a special $150.00 discount off of our retail price for active military members and their families.

For all trips between RDU Airport and the Bases listed we stop along the way to ensure your total comfort. For your convenience, we provide the option of splitting your fare into 2 payments to make it even more affordable. However, fare must be paid in full before service is rendered.

– You serve Us, We serve You.


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