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All-Points’ founder bought a unique perspective to bear when starting this business: “as a former C-level executive for the world’s largest information provider I was certainly more accustomed to enjoying the comfort of chauffeured transportation than the owner-operators who dominate the ‘limousine’ industry today. After accumulating millions of frequent flyer miles circuiting the globe over the years I came to have a profound appreciation for great service as well as a heartfelt disdain for what passes as customer ‘service’ in business today. While my own personal experience was in no way unique it gave me an insight into what great service looks like – I did not read about it in a book – I experienced it and far too rarely. Unfortunately exceptional service is the exception but not here.”

At All-Points exceptional service is Rule One and Rule Two is to never forget Rule One.

Expect the Exceptional!

From your first call to our reservations team you will be greeted by a knowledgeable and friendly individual whose sole responsibility is to take the stress out of booking ground transportation – from the busy executive to the busy executive assistant our staff is prepared to secure all of the information needed to ensure that our service is flawless from start to finish. We sweat the details so that once you place your trust and confidence in our team you can move on to the most important aspects of your job.

It’s simple:

The vehicle is on-time, clean, safe, and fully-insured.

The vehicle is either your mobile office or a mobile cabin of quiet to relax in and collect your thoughts.

The driver is fully-trained, smartly-dressed, and knows what they are doing.

The driver knows where you are going and does not speak unless spoken to – should you choose to engage them in conversation they are pleasant, speak English, and are educated. We hire the best.

The rates are simple to understand, correct to the penny, and your receipts are sent electronically to whomever you designate.

Every member of our staff is encouraged and compensated to always do what is in the best interest of the client. Take care of the client first and foremost. Focus on today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Our state-of-the-art reservations system is not a replacement for pleasant and knowledgeable team members who quite likely remember your name and always remember your unique needs (yes, we are smart enough to make a note of it – magic no, magical yes.)

Our business model was designed to meet the needs of the corporate business traveler whether for a simple airport transfer, a business meeting, or a large event.

When it counts All-Points is the safe choice, and it always counts!


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I was very happy with my service from All-Points. We were looking to surprise a friend with a car to driver her to her birthday dinner. I put several quotes requests in on a Sunday evening.  All Points was the only service that...